Monday, 28 March 2011

I'm Having So Much Fun Babe!!! BUT....


                          THERE IS NO BUT! 

Everything went well and that was my precious night ever. *terharu sob sob.. 

salam all.. *baru nak bagi salam

last Saturday story..

we celebrated my 21'st birthday .

kaklong's 23'rd birthday .

and my parent's 25'th anniversary .

heyy.. cite banyak-banyak pon tak guna. let's pictures tell everything.

* guests yang datang paling awal. tak aci dapat layanan lebih ni. hidang
      segala- mala. yang penting every single word that munzir described her is true.
TALKATIVE. hee.. thanx to both of you sis!
      p/s: ena ada gambar baik punye. nak ugut boleh? haha. *joking

*cupcake! yummy~ sponsored by uncle eric. wait for my
official thanx video keyh? =p

 emcee of the day. and my superb aunty.

our special menu of the night ofkos la... SATAY!!
 Sorry dah abis!

am i really wore that crown? LOL!

bakal-bakal orang kajang. ERK! munzir, i try my best to choose the best shoot.
i only got that one. maafkan saya. ;p

she really got all the guy's attention! jeles mak nok.. haha.. thanx morven.
p/s: tengok la tu, excited tak terhingga mat saleh peluk. dasar lelaki! haha.

organizer tidak lupa untuk buat kami pening pusing-pusing kosi. yeay! 
munzir saya menang! wee~

it was fabulous night. i owe a bunch of thanx to them. especially mak uteh. 
that why my family is my best friend. i told you.  

last but not least. thanx dear.

ehhh... jaaappp!!!

now you know where i got all this kind of genetics.. =p

takmo lupa ini sampai bila-bila. ketuk pale saya kuat-kuat kalau saya ilang ingatan. maceh. 

LOVE YOU! xoxo

till meet next entry.