Monday, 23 May 2011

Three words are enough.

salam all.

lets list some of popular three words.

i love you.

i am sorry.

we thank you.

i forgive you.

i miss you.

we need you.

please forgive me. 

i understand you.

did you see?? those words are magic word. no matter how big mistakes you did, how hard situation you had, how much love you have to others. three words are enough. THREE WORDS. it is hard to say? 

sometimes we just don't realize that we made mistakes. we don't realize how much we need each other. and how much we hurt each other. 

we just get selfish, we are ego, we are heartless. too bad is it? 

but if those three words we say it without mean it.. then three words for us tho, WE ARE JERK. 

say it, mean it. then we done. easy right? 

make it easy. if we don't satisfy about particular thing, why don't we discuss personally rather than commented something in PUBLIC then make someone else feels bad. it is not change your feel at all. you just make it worse. 

so, from the bottom of my heart, personally, i ask for apology to everyone. 

thank for reading.